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RenhillWorx: App-solutely

Can I use my smart phone to apply for jobs with Renhill?


Your next job opportunity may be in the palm of your hand right now. Get the RenhillWorx app today. 

Are you more of a scanner than a clicker?

No problem. Point your phone's camera or code reader at the QR code and you'll be on your way to getting RenhillWorx no matter what kind of mobile device you use.

You can also just click the QR symbol.
Start With Renhill

(click for a closer look)

With RenhillWorx, you’ll receive real-time notifications about new positions. You'll always be connected to our job offers and our Account Managers. Be among the first to learn of new opportunities that are exactly what you’re looking for. Get all the info, like the type of work, location, and pay rate. 


RenhillWorx lets you respond to offers as quick as can be. It’s also the best way to get just the right job for you.

And it’s easy to set up and simple to use.

RenhillWorx serves our associates seeking jobs in fields like manufacturing, distribution, and hospitality. The app is not useful for those seeking educational positions.

Where do I go from here?

You're in our lobby right now, where you can learn about our app, RenhillWorx, and then move to a place that fits your needs. Renhill has specific sites for everyone who needs our help.

Click To Apply For A Great New Job

Select the icon above to get started as a candidate for a long list of local job opportunities in manufacturing, clerical, retail, distribution, and many other work categories.

Need Staffing Assistance?

Click the target if you’re a business in need of staffing help. Renhill can do more than just list your opening. We can help locate the right people from our already-screened candidates.

Click For Your Next Teaching Assignment


Are you an educator? Select the projection screen if you’re ready for the classroom. Renhill serves a long list of public school and districts and private educators across Ohio. 

We Help School Administrators, Too     


Click the school building if you're staffing for a public or private K-12 school. Renhill boasts a deep pool of qualified and experienced teachers ready to fill your vacancies today.

Putting The RenhillWorx
App To Work For You


Select the link that matches your mobile device to download RenhillWorx to your smart phone or tablet:

Apple  Android


Set the app for the best experience by allowing:


  • Push Notifications

  • Calendar Access

  • Location Access (while using RenhillWorx)


Register online as an Renhill applicant. We’ll schedule an appointment for you with a Renhill associate.

If you're already working with Renhill… Great! You can set up your RenhillWorx account from your phone and start receiving notifications today.


Keep your phone handy. Opportunities tailored for you will appear as notifications.


That’s really all there is to it. You’re now a part of RenhillWorx. Let Renhill work for you!


View Jobs And Apply For Them:

Your completed profile ensures you will receive notifications about new job opportunities. When you receive a notification, you’ll have three options:

  • VIEW



Accept An Offer:

See a job that is exactly what you’re looking for?  Accept it! Once you accept the position, you’ll receive a confirmation with all job details including the location, time of day, and the shift, if there is one.  You can also sync the period of the job to your calendar.

Express Interest In A Job:

Would you like to be considered for a job posted by Renhill?  Click the Interest button and a Renhill Associate will contact you to discuss details like location, time, shift, pay, and answer any questions you may have.  

Decline An Opportunity:

Not interested in this job? No problem. Just click ‘decline’. We’ll continue to send future opportunities that match your skillset, geographic location and rate of pay.

Review your Accepted Jobs and Schedule:

Click on the “Shifts” tab in RenhillWorx and you’ll the details of your shifts. These are organized by date.  Click on the dates, and you’ll get all the details, including shift times, reminders, locations, and any other important information.

Using RenhillWorx

Using RenhillWorx To Get That Job

App Setup
App How To
Apply with RenhillWorx

RenhillWorx works for Renhill workers.
So become one. 

The team at Renhill wants to meet you. Register with us and start your preliminaries. The process - an easy and friendly one - tells us what kind of job you are looking for, and what your skills are. It's not unusual for a Renhill recruiter to spot talents in an applicant that lead that person to a rewarding job path that they had not yet considered.

Visiting today means that RenhillWorx can start helping you tomorrow. Or you could use that phone to talk with us at 877-RENHILL.

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