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RenhillWorx: Know the experienced

How do you gain experience?

Know the experienced.

Renhill has as strong a history in job placement as you will find anywhere.

There’s nothing like being over 50 and great at your job.

Renhill started helping employers fill jobs back in 1970. At first, our niche was permanent placement. But we found that our area had a great need for an HR resource that was committed to the temporary workforce. Renhill soon became the leader in filling temporary and seasonal openings in both manufacturing and administrative categories.

Then, the educational staffing market grew, and we became the Educational Service Center’s preferred partner for K-12 needs. Hundreds of education professionals across the region now name Renhill as their conduit to the classroom.

Renhill places qualified people in many types of organizations and jobs.

These include:

  • Administrative and clerical

  • Industrial and manufacturing

  • Warehousing and distribution

  • Hospitality

  • Education

  • Higher-level professional and technical jobs across a wide range of business categories

It's your business, and we know it.

For on-call staffing to work well, the placement administrator must thoroughly understand the client’s world. That means not only knowing what the job demands but understanding the necessity to control labor costs. Renhill learns your work and looks at the job applicant from your window.

And we know that your time should be dedicated to your business’s mission. So Renhill carries the burden of compensation for you. Your temporary workforce gets paid, on time and in compliance with every regulation.

Outsourcing is another Renhill feature. What does your company need right away, but cannot find in-house? Renhill is the resource for the skilled and specialized contract labor that corporations rely on to adapt to new challenges.

Renhill hard hat job

Where is Renhill?

We have four locations across northern Ohio. 

And you can call us from anywhere at 877-RENHILL.




2650 N. Reynolds Road

Toledo, OH 43615

Phone: 419-254-2800
Fax: 419-254-2915



210 Depot Street

Wauseon, OH 43567
Phone: 419-330-4513

Fax: 419-254-2915 



409 S. Front Street

Fremont, OH 43420
Phone: 567-280-4321



7055 Engle Road

Building 4

Suite 404 

Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

Phone: 216-712-4354 

Fax: 216-220-8788 

A qualified workforce only comes from a partner who knows quality people when they see them.

No matter the period of employment being offered, or the job that needs done, you need reliable, competent, and eager people to tackle your assignment. Some staffing firms will just recycle the same applicants time and again, no matter if they are suited to a new opportunity or not. How can that result in a top-notch work for the employer or a rewarding and motivating experience for the worker?

Renhill goes looking for new workplace talent every day, increasing our pool by reaching out not to just someone looking for employment but also those folks already doing a good job in the kind of work that fits your need.

We commit ourselves to helping our job candidates grow. Their professional abilities are rooted in self-confidence. And nothing helps a person achieve like being part of a great group. So Renhill puts them on a team… first ours, then yours.

Here's what Deb T. says about Renhill:

"Renhill has been a great resource for our company. Identifying talent at a reasonable price alleviates want ads and long interview processes. Renhill has provided candidates for projects, both short and long term, that have more than fulfilled our expectations for professionalism, dedication, and ability. I really appreciate the services from Renhill."

Where do I go from here?

You're in our lobby right now, where you can learn about our app, RenhillWorx, and then move to a place that fits your needs. Renhill has specific sites for everyone who needs our help.

Click To Apply For A Great New Job

Select the icon above to get started as a candidate for a long list of local job opportunities in manufacturing, clerical, retail, distribution, and many other work categories.

Need Staffing Assistance?

Click the target if you’re a business in need of staffing help. Renhill can do more than just list your opening. We can help locate the right people from our already-screened candidates.

Click For Your Next Teaching Assignment


Are you an educator? Select the projection screen if you’re ready for the classroom. Renhill serves a long list of public school and districts and private educators across Ohio. 

We Help School Administrators, Too     


Click the school building if you're staffing for a public or private K-12 school. Renhill boasts a deep pool of qualified and experienced teachers ready to fill your vacancies today.

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