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RenhillWorx: Get ready to smile

Get ready to smile.

And you won't be alone.

Take a look at some of the great reviews we've gotten, both from job seekers and job providers.

Job Seekers

Chank O.
Job Candidate

"When COVID hit I was left jobless. No unemployment or anything. I was frustrated and irritated. I called Renhill and said hey, I need some work. I have been working ever since. The pay is good, and you get as many hours as you want. They work with your schedule, so everything is gravy!"

Mike J.
Accounting Manager

“Twenty-five years ago, I had the opportunity to work for Renhill in their accounting department and enjoyed learning the challenges of payroll accounting.  Later, as the treasurer of a small manufacturing company, I used Renhill for temp services, with no problems.  And recently, Renhill was able to help me find a career in the non-profit sector as an accounting manager during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It's safe to say that throughout my career, Renhill made a positive impact for three decades!"

Krista A.
Job Candidate

“I’ve truly enjoyed my work experience with Renhill. The people employed there are very helpful and friendly. I love my job!”

Rosemary R.
HR Generalist

"I came across Renhill when they were posting for a Human Resources Coordinator position. I was hesitant coming in as I had never worked for a temporary agency in the past. During my initial screening and interview, Heather overheard the conversation and spoke with me one-on-one. She landed me an interview with Product Movers in Delta. The interview process took a month, but she gave me feedback and kept me looped in. I worked with Heather frequently during my time with Product Movers. When my assignment ended there, I returned to an old job. After a few weeks, Heather contacted me regarding a new opportunity with Clarios. I was in the Human Resources Coordinator position within a week. Heather kept in contact during the process. I was then promoted to a Human Resources Generalist. I had an excellent experience with Renhill and would recommend them to anyone!"

Reyna G.
State-Tested Nurse Aid

"I picked Renhill because I needed help finding a second job and you helped me out a lot. Lori helped me find a job with Flower Hospital. I loved it there as I worked in the environmental service department housekeeping. I have now moved on in my career at the beginning of October through Promedica, I finished my STNA classes at the end of October. The reason why I wanted to become a STNA is because I love working with the elderly and I was able to learn this through my experience with Renhill and Flower Hospital."

Tricia W.
Job Candidate

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for help in finding a job that fit me and became permanent, especially in the world we live in. Your team was always kind and helpful."

Stephen D.
Job Candidate

"I'd just like to say that Renhill listened to what I wanted and needed and found a perfect match for me. I have been at my position for 10 weeks and am very satisfied."

Anthony B.
Substitute Teacher

“You're hard-working and dedicated. All the managers at Renhill have been supportive. They have demonstrated complete professionalism and efficiency. We are part of a great group. Thank you again.”

Jenni S.
Shipping Coordinator

"My experience with Renhill was a good one. I was treated kindly when I was called to set up my pre-employment screening, and when I went into the office to do the pre-employment screening. If I knew of anyone who was looking for a job in the area, I would definitely recommend Renhill."

Heather O.

“When I was looking for a job, I saw on Facebook that Renhill was hiring. So, I came in to fill out the application, and first started working in a factory. Now I am a server for parties. Renhill is the best to work with because they understand what job you are looking for and if you need help with anything, they are there for you.”

RenhillWorx helped me find work

"They helped me find work when I needed it and I'd definitely recommend them 100% as a staffing agency. Easy application process and great employment."

Jim C.

Job Candidate

Where do I go from here?

You're in our lobby right now, where you can learn about our app, RenhillWorx, and then move to a place that fits your needs. Renhill has specific sites for everyone who needs our help.

Click To Apply For A Great New Job

Select the icon above to get started as a candidate for a long list of local job opportunities in manufacturing, clerical, retail, distribution, and many other work categories.

Need Staffing Assistance?


Click the target if you’re a business in need of staffing help. Renhill can do more than just list your opening. We can help locate the right people from our already-screened candidates.

Click For Your Next Teaching Assignment


Are you an educator? Select the projection screen if you’re ready for the classroom. Renhill serves a long list of public school and districts and private educators across Ohio.

We Help School Administrators, Too     

Click the school building if you're staffing for a public or private K-12 school. Renhill boasts a deep pool of qualified and experienced teachers ready to fill your vacancies today.

Job Providers

Jerry Z.
Executive VP
Brown and Brown of Ohio

"We want to thank Renhill for their outstanding service over the years. Your follow-up and quality people have made our job easier when filling positions in our company. Your process and quality review along with your prompt attention to detail shows in the people that you have provided over the years. I would highly recommend your company to those who need these types of services. Keep up the good work."

Lucy M.
HR Coordinator
Alkon Corporation

"Fremont's Renhill Employment Agency has assisted Alkon Corporation in finding the most qualified candidates in the most consistent timeframe. While other employment agencies are finding it hard to fill positions, Renhill has gone above and beyond our expectations to find candidates and fill openings as soon as they could. Thank you, Renhill, for cooperating with our employment needs."

Bonnie L.
HR Manager
Hansen Industries

“I needed a new employee for a payroll position, and contacted three agencies. One responded days later, and the other didn’t respond at all. But, the first to respond was Renhill.  They promptly sent me several resumes to choose from.  After reviewing them and interviewing the applicants, I found an employee perfect for our environment, who is quickly learning the job. ”

Shirleen K.
HR Manager
North Toledo Graphics

"Renhill has been a pleasure for North Toledo Graphics to work with for our staffing needs. The staff at Renhill does a good job filling our schedule with qualified staff. They make certain that our needs are taken care of in a timely professional manner. Jackie Barnes is an asset to Renhill and represents her employer very well. I am pleased to recommend Renhill Staffing to fill your staffing needs."

Tina G.
Mt. Gilead EVSD

“I have been a school treasurer for over 30 years with several different districts, and I’ve worked with Renhill on many occasions. I highly recommend their services. In fact, in one district, I chose to leave their staffing service firm and sought out Renhill to replace them. Renhill has always taken the needs of the district with concern, professionalism and the desire to build relationships. Renhill understands that each district is different and may have unique requirements. With the shortage of substitutes, I believe that Renhill is proactive in recruiting and retaining qualified people to fulfill the needs of schools.”

Christopher M.
Marck & Associates

“We approached Renhill Staffing to fill a permanent position in our Accounting and HR Department. After providing Jackie with the details of the position and the requirements for candidates, she was able to provide several strong candidates for us to consider. After interviews, she was able to secure our first choice to fill the position.  Jackie had a great sense of who and what we needed and an understanding of the skills and talents of the candidates she recommended.  This really helped us quickly fill the opening with a quality candidate.”

Rachel K.

HR Manager

Harmon Sign

"Not only Renhill, but all of the people that go to Renhill to find jobs are so lucky to have you! You are proactive and positive and all of these people are so fortunate to have you in their corner. Thank you!"

Laura B.
HR Administrator
Owens Corning

"I would like to thank you for all your hard work trying to staff our facility. We have converted quite a few of the temporary employees that you have sent us, and they are working out very well!”

Steve M.
General Manager
Huntington Center

"Our philosophy is to be sure that our guests experience tremendous service each and every time they attend an event. Renhill buys into our philosophy to be truly customer service oriented in their interaction with guests at every event. If you are looking for personalized attention and good quality employees, Renhill will deliver. They hire quality, friendly people who take their job seriously. As they have done for Huntington Center, they can find the right people to do your job professionally every time. Our Renhill partnership has been outstanding.”

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